Max' Story

by Laura Wills

On 27th December whilst at work in an emergency call centre we received a report that on a main road in Kent, 3 puppies had been thrown out of a moving car window and run over. When officers arrived 2 of the puppies had been killed, and there was one surviving, but he had also been hit by a car. He was taken to the PDSA in Medway where he was left to be looked after. I spoke to the police officer who attended the scene and told him I would be prepared to look after the dog permanently. The officer attended the PDSA the next day and was advised that the puppy had survived; however he had sustained a broken leg. After discussion I was told I could go and pick him up on the 29th of December.


When we arrived to collect him, we were shocked to say the least at the state of him. The smell from him was awful and when we picked him up, we could feel every bone in his body, as he was so skinny! We were told he had a broken back leg and that they had had to put stitches in his chin. He also had a small bald patch on his head. We took him straight to our vet who examined him and advised us that he had a broken jaw and that his back right leg was shattered. The vet operated on him to try and pin his leg, but he was not sure if the puppy would make it through the operation, as he weighed only 1.4 Kilos. We very quickly named the puppy Max, which he seemed to respond to quite well, along with the cuddles!! He did make it through the operation and even had the cast off the next day! He was determined that within 3 days of having the operation to get up and walk about, which we had been advised against but it was very difficult to keep what we think was a 5-6 week old puppy still!! We stayed with him 24/7 and had little/no sleep for around 10 days!! After this time Max was up and walking and playing with our other dog Millie!


Max is now around 12 weeks old, and weighs almost 7 kilos! We are not sure on the breed, but have been told he could possibly be a wolfhound cross, so a little bigger than our other dog Millie who is a Jack Russell!! He loves his cuddles and loves meeting people and other dogs. Where his jaw was broken, his tongue pokes out slightly, which everyone comments on!! He eats us out of house and home - his favourite meal is a bowl of broccoli, peas and cauliflower! He doesn’t turn down a raw carrot to chew on either!!

Kevin's Comments: This is a truly shocking and very upsetting story and one of the worst cases of animal cruelty that I have heard of. I cannot begin to imagine what kind of person could do this to three helpless puppies when there are rescue centres and vets who would have willingly taken these puppies in and found them good homes. It beggars belief that there are people who can carry out such wicked acts and still live with themselves, I am just very sorry that they will not be caught! However, on a more positive note, thank you Laura for sharing Max’s terrible story and also for showing him that not all human beings are cruel and vile. I have had the pleasure of meeting Max and he truly is a little fighter with tons of character and is a total inspiration! I very much hope that Laura will let us know how Max gets on and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say to Laura, you are a hero and a saint and our very best wishes go to you and Max.