One To One Training?         

Whilst training classes offer benefits for many dogs and their owners, not all dogs can cope with this environment in the early stages of training and one to one training can be the only way to overcome these.

I offer a one-to-one service where you and your dog receive dedicated coaching and training. Many of my clients have already attended classes or group training sessions with other trainers & have found that in most cases, they have not worked for them or their dogs.

Dealing with the training needs in the environments where it is needed can often be far more successful. This is a major benefit of one-to-one training over class or group training sessions when it comes to addressing training issues issues that are occurring within the home.

Some of the training needs that I am often asked to help with are:

. Pulling on the lead

. Running off and not coming back when called

. Disobedience in the home

. Jumping up at people

. Barking and pulling towards people and other dogs

 Initial Consultation

I will either travel to you for the initial consultation or we may need to meet at my secure private training venue at Bredgar, depending on what issues or problems you are having with your dog. This initial session will typically last for 2 hours depending on the problems and issues. We will discuss the issues and training needs and commence with the training methods and principles that you can use to carry out daily training sessions.

Training methods are tailored to suit your individual needs & I only employ established & proven positive reinforcement techniques utilising food, toys & clicker.I will be honest and realistic with my assessment and training plan, taking into account what you wish to achieve, the issues surrounding your dog and the time available to you.

Additional Training Sessions

Depending on the training needs, it is possible that follow-up sessions and visits may be required. However, it is your decision as to how often you use my services but you should give consideration to the fact that not all issues are solved within one session.

My fees are set at a very competitive rate to make it affordable for you so that you can continue with further training sessions to achieve the results you require.

All clients are encouraged to telephone me to discuss any problems as well as to report positive progress of the training plans etc free of charge.