Agility Classes   

Due to current commitments, I am currently not able to hold separate agility training classes. However, a session of agility is held during the obedience classes and all of the pictures here were taken during these obedience classes. Agility is great fun for most dogs is a fantastic way of providing exercise for both owners and dogs and as importantly, teaches your dog that it can have fun with you without running off to see other dogs and owners who are in close proximity. Agility can also build the confidence of the dog and of it's trust in you.


All obstacles and elements undertaken will be in line with the Kennel Club regulations in relation to height/length according to the size of the dog and include Long Jumps, Hurdles, Flat Tunnel, Tunnels, Walkway, A-Frame, Weave Poles, Stop Mats & Stop Tables, Tyre Jump, See-Saw


Henry with Rachel having great fun on the A-Frame