The Need For Training            

The old adage that prevention is better than cure holds true when it comes to shaping and conditioning the correct responses and behaviour of dogs. Providing your dog with training and a balanced approach to how they are managed at home will increase your chances of developing a well adjusted and obedient adult dog.      

Need For Control & Discipline

Responsible dog owners recognise the need to have their pets under control at all times, whether in the home or outside in public areas & this can only be achieved by training your dog to obey your commands and establishing the correct relationship between you both. However, many owners are unsure or don't know how to achieve this but with the correct and structured use of positive reinforcement, praise, toys/food treats, commands, training equipment and reward schedules and management, all dogs can learn. 

Establishing Leadership

Most dog trainers advocate a positive reward system of training certain behaviours and obedience exercises and I am no different. This approach works very well for training and conditioning certain responses from your dog. However, I have over 20 years experience of dealing with strong and powerful breeds of dogs with very high drives and unlike many other trainers, I understand that these breeds require strong leadership. All dogs need rules and boundaries if they are to maintain a healthy and balanced state of mind and exhibit desired behaviours and no amount of toys, cheese or hot-dogs will, on their own, achieve this if the correct relationship between the dog and owner has not been established.

Many owners are unaware of how to establish the correct leadership regimes to achieve this (especially if there is more than one dog within the home) which often leads to behavioural, discipline or control issues. With correct instruction and training, changes to how the dog is managed, these problems or issues can be avoided or modified in a positive way that allows you as the leader to establish the correct bond & relationship with your dog.

Mental Stimulation

Most owners understand that physical exercise is important for every dog, whatever the age & breed. However, what is not so widely recognised is that dogs also require mental stimulation & challenges in order to release mental energy & satisfy specific breed needs. Training your dog will address these needs & of course improve the level of control & response to your commands. By making the training fun & rewarding for you & your dog, it is also a great way to spend time with your pet. Of course, some breeds have certain instincts and drives and by developing activities or games that satisfy these needs, it can greatly reduce behavioural issues whilst enhancing the quality of life for your dog and I can show you how to achieve this.