Below are a handful of testimonials from just a few of the owners I have had the pleasure to work with. They have all worked extremely hard to achieve these results and it is to their credit that they have improved the quality of life for their pets and of course themselves. I am extremely grateful to all the owners who have taken the time and trouble to put pen to paper and for their very kind comments. Keep up the good work and well done to you all!


Sue with Dudley, black Labrador

In 2012 after many years of gentle persuading by my children and then by my husband we decided to get a dog. Now this was not to be just any dog it had to fit in with our lifestyles, be compliant with all my wishes; to stay off the furniture, not to go upstairs or into certain rooms downstairs, toilet in one spot in the garden, be nice to our two cats, walk to heel, have an excellent recall, and be a recuse young male black Labrador! It also most importantly had to be a dog that I could trust and not be afraid of. Finally I needed him to be trainable.
Well my children set to work and found Dudley a six month old male black Labrador on the pro dogs’ direct website. He had been found locked away in a barn his back end wasting away and in a general sorry state. He had been placed in foster care and was now at eight months old looking for a new home. After all the normal house checks and form filling I was able to go and meet him. It was love at first sight, what greeted me was one of the happiest dogs I have ever seen. He didn’t mind that I couldn’t put his lead on or his seat belt he just patiently let me practice and endured the two and half hour journey home clinging to the slippery rug I had laid on the back seat of my car!
Once home he settled into family life very quickly meeting all of my indoor demands and just wanted to please, he was however very difficult to walk on the lead and although we tried different leads and harnesses he generally took us for a walk! Also because he was our first dog we did not understand doggy play and behaviour and therefore were very concerned in letting him meet other dogs.
I knew something had to be done and started looking for dog training classes. Again I knew what I wanted, someone who would be able to deal with all kinds of dogs in real life situations like I was encountering, not dog training in a hall as I had no problems with Dudley indoors. After some internet searching I came across Kevin’s website, I read the whole lot and decided to give him a ring it was the best decision I made regarding Dudley.
My daughters and I first met up with Kevin at his South Green training ground in February 2013 and from the moment Kevin walked Dudley using the happy at heel harness, lots of words of encouragement and tasty treats Dudley was walking to heel! He played with Kevin’s dog Zeb in the pen and Kevin began teaching us how to make a happy recall happen.
I signed up for group classes and started our rewarding journey towards a fully trained obedient dog! I won’t lie group classes were daunting, there was so much to learn and remember and I took forever learning how to get Dudley round to heel! But Kevin was always patient and understanding ready to help and assist and over time I came to really enjoy the classes. Kevin was always in control and I began to learn what normal doggy play was like and that different breeds of dogs play in different ways. Dudley also learnt that not all dogs wanted to play and to read the signs and pick dogs that were receptive to play. This really helped me in our everyday lives and I began to let Dudley play with other dogs off lead (with owners consent) on our daily walks.


Dudley and I continued to enjoy all aspects of class and gradually and with a lot of encouragement from Kevin I became more confident in Dudley’s abilities. Over time I began to go out of sight leaving Dudley in a down, walk to heel with Dudley of lead,( something I thought would be impossible when we first got him!) link agility apparatus and have full control of Dudley around other dogs. The small groups of no more than eight dogs really helped as Kevin was able to give everyone the attention they needed to progress at their own pace and the group were really supportive of each other. Attending Kevin’s classes I feel has given me the skills to ensure that although Dudley’s start in life was not the best, his future is now very good. I truly recommend Kevin’s classes to all those dog owners who want a happy well trained dog.


Paul & Alison with Oscar the working cocker spaniel

Our dog Oscar is a working Cocker Spaniel who is very friendly and lively. However, because we never training him correctly, by the time he was 8 months old he had developed some bad habits. He would run off to meet everyone and any other dog, pull so hard on his lead he made your arm ache and jump up at you pawing dirt on your clothes.
KS Dog Training came highly recommended to us by several people so in November 2013 we booked a home visit with Kevin. In the initial two hour home visit we learnt techniques on how to train Oscar and by the end of the first session we could already see results.
A week after the home visit we started weekly training sessions with Kevin. Oscar loved the training sessions especially the walk at the beginning. It gave him the chance to run around and play with other dogs in a safe environment. Initially because Oscar would not recall, we had to use a long lead, however after just four weeks we saw vast improvements and after six weeks Oscar would recall every time without fail. He also showed improvements in his obedience and behaviour and was no longer pulling on the lead or jumping up at people.
Kevin taught me how to train and control Oscar and to help him understand what I wanted from him. I particularly liked how he used various training scenarios which mirror real life situations and I learnt how to control Oscar with other dogs around. Eventually I was walking Oscar off lead around other dogs with little effort needed to keep him at heel.
Oscar attended weekly training sessions for five months and he is now a completely different dog. He is still the fun friendly sociable Oscar but he is now calm, obedient and recalls every time. I would highly recommend dog training to all new dog owners and with Kevin the training is of the highest standard.

     Hayley & Matt Mattingly & Samba

After trying a number of other dog training classes/courses we were close to giving up on the idea of having a trained dog, as after months of training there was no improvement in Samba our then, 13 month old cocker spaniel Samba. We found Kevin’s website and after reading the stories of other owners decided to give it a go. We wanted to attend training classes as Samba was an explorer and didn’t recall so we couldn’t let her off the lead, she also got too excited around other dogs and was just easily distracted by everything!

On our first one to one before the classes even started we learnt more than in all previous classes put together. We were shown techniques and actually had things explained and talked through so we could understand how to help and understand Sambas behaviour. From lesson one we learnt just as much as Samba and were seeing improvements in her attention span. By having things explained and talked through meant we could take our learning’s out of the class and put them in to practice in the wider world.

After a couple of weeks the dreaded daily drag round the block became a joyful stroll with Samba at our sides paying us attention and after a couple of months she was off lead in the class and was controlled around other dogs. We saw improvements every week and Kevin was able to push us to keep the classes interesting and challenging for us all!

We would defiantly return to Kevin’s classes if ever needed and would highly recommend him to everyone who wants a positive training experience.’


Averil & Tim Thear & Flynn

Hi Kevin, thought I would give you an update on Flynn. He is such a good boy with other dogs now. He usually completely ignores them or if he does stop to say hello he has a sniff and walks on. The only time he would growl is if they attempted to mount him. We just tell him no and to walk on and he does, unbelievable! So many thanks to you for yourhelp in overcoming his aggressive issues. He has turned into such a loving affectionate dog, we love him to bits. Many thanks again. Kind regards Averil and Tim Thear

Katie with Archie, German Shepherd Dog


Since Archie was a puppy we had been attending a nationally run dog training class held in a local village Hall but it became apparent this was not the right environment for Archie as he was fast becoming a big dog who was very reactive to other dogs whilst on the lead, our re-call was none existent and he had pulled me over on numerous occasions. He also had no off lead interaction with other dogs and it got to the point where I avoided other dogs and owners and they avoided us. Archie was a year old by now and I knew that I needed a different approach with someone who really knew the breed and after making some enquiries, Kevin came highly recommended.

After a couple of one to one sessions with Kevin, we joined the Thursday class and have not looked back! We are still a work in progress but I would never of believed that after only a few months of joining the class we would have been taking part in the Spring Competition. When we first started classes Archie would not even get in the boot of the car for me but now we have a good recall, he loves the off lead sessions with other dogs, he is so much better on lead and does not lunge any more, he loves agility and most importantly he now listens to me. Archie loves the weekly classes and by the time I get to class my ears are ringing from him howling with excitement in the car! Kevin said to me when I first joined the class that Archie was not only a strong dog physically, he was strong mentally and over the course of time I have learnt from Kevin how to change my approach to Archie and to understand what Archie needs from me. I am much better equipped and confident in assessing and dealing with certain situations before they arise. It has been hard work at times and we are by no means perfect, we still have our not so good days but they are now greatly outweighed by the good days. We have progressed so much so that we have even joined some regular dog walking groups and Archie loves it! I now receive compliments about Archie instead of criticism. Archie had an instant respect and rapport for Kevin when we first met him a year ago which Archie still has to this day and I too have a lot of respect for Kevin because with his wealth of knowledge, patience and support, I have a dog whom I have always adored but now I really enjoy too.


Joan with Harry, German Shepherd Dog cross Malamute


Hi, my name is Harry and I am a German Shepherd Cross Malamute and I am just over a year old.
I train with Kevin and I started when I was just over four months old as I was quite a big strong lad. I was the first ever puppy of that age that Kevin allowed into his mixed aged general obedience classes.
Mum and I have come a long way since those early days. I now walk at heel quite nicely and come when I am called and find myself socially acceptable to other dogs. I even won a rosette for coming third in the down-stay (owner out of sight) test at Kevin's charity fund raising competition in September.
We both enjoy going, Kevin is fair, kind and direct and gives you loads of advice.
Mum enjoys the doggie walking now and not having her arm pulled out of its socket and I love being told I am "clever and a good boy" it gives me a big smile to myself.

P.S we do agility as well, I am not the fastest dog off the block but I love going through those tunnels.


Carole & Stan with Charlie and Grace, the Westies

Hi Kevin
Just to let you know all is going well with Charlie and Grace's training. We have quite a number of visitors this last week and friends came for the day yesterday. The door-answering technique is beginning to embed into the dogs heads as they start to move away before we walk into them now and go back to the dining room whilst the visitors enter and walk through without acknowledging them. They settle quickly (the dogs and the visitors!) without the old disruption of excessive barking etc. We have the occasional blip which is usually when the dogs gain access to the front door before we do and slip through ahead. It is interesting to see how they react when someone does bend down to greet them to soon against our instructions as immediately the old problem reasserts itself - barking and scrabbling at their legs - but if the visitor waits until they are inside and preferably sat down the problem doesn't arise. If they try to put their paws on their lap when seated we or the guest tell the dogs to 'down' and they do without fuss.
We have found putting the fire guard across the doorway from dining room to lounge is the best idea to keep them out of the way at times. They can see us and are quiet - just lie by the door most of the time which is great when people are having a drink and a snack - not to have them wandering around in such a confined space with food on display.
So thank you - your visit was very interesting and we are so pleased we gave it a try. You certainly offer a superb service and your handling of the dogs was very impressive. The certainly knew who was boss from the moment you walked in. It is very different to watch someone actually make the moves as opposed to reading about training on the net or in books. If we run into any problems I will contact you but at the moment all is going well so thanks again from all of us.
Kind regards
Carole & Stan


Nicole with Reggie, a 2 year old Labradoodle


Hi Kevin,
I couldn’t wait until Saturday’s class to tell you that the neighbour who told me (and everyone else in the village that I live in) that Reggie was a ‘nasty, mean, aggressive dog that I should think about getting rid of’ actually said ‘He’s a lovely dog. I didn’t realize how much effect training could have’! This from someone who said they don’t believe in dog training.
When I usually see him in the distance, I put my dogs on the lead and walk past with a bit of distance between us. I have met him and his dog in the fields three times this week when all dogs have been off lead and every time, my dogs have greeted his dog calmly and Reggie has resisted the temptation to charge at him or bark at him. I just wanted to say thank you as I would not have felt confident letting Reggie greet his dog off lead without your help and the confidence and strategies I have learnt in class so far. We still have a lot to work on (especially the lunging on lead) but I feel it is a big step forward as I live in a small village and it is difficult not to run into the same dogs and owners. After the first greeting, I felt so much more confident and I would even say that I felt only ‘slightly anxious’ on the third meeting this week . There has been a big change in Reggie’s behaviour and my confidence to deal with it after only 4 months of classes so I am really pleased. We have met other dogs on walks and it has been fine but I have been nervous about meeting this particular neighbour with Reggie off lead. Sad I know but true!
See you on Saturday.
Thanks again,



Sarah with Scooby the Chocolate Newfoundland, 4 years old

Hi Kevin,
Just wanted to let you know that Scooby did absolutely brilliantly over the weekend, with my sister's two labs. Ellie is still very cautious of him, but he was so gentle with her and tried so hard to get her to play with him, it was so lovely to watch. Roger, the yellow lab, took a complete shine to him and they are now best mates - they even travelled together in the back of the car at Roger's insistence! Am very proud, relieved and have re-invigorated hope.
Thanks for all your help and support.


Lewis & Helen Back with Alfie, Labrador X

When Helen and I decided to get a dog we thought that we should get a Lab because of the age we are, in a few years we would probably have a child. So we wanted a family dog that would be nice and calm, easy to train, not eat the house, not hump everything in sight (sofa, cushions, us, friends, family, other dogs, ANYTHING AT ALL). OH HOW NÏAVE WE WERE.
We first met Alfie when we went to Jasmil Kennels to look for a dog and he was the first one we looked at. A member of staff bought Alf out to us and he was jumping up and down, tail wagging and couldn’t be happier to be out of his kennel and we instantly fell in love with him.
When he came home he was extremely hypo and was into everything, which we thought was fairly normal for a dog in a new home.
But as time went on he was continuously being naughty and was quite destructive when left alone even if it was for only five minutes which was getting hard to deal with. He would also try to “make love” to everything, he even had a cushion in his cage that was practically his girlfriend. It was also hard to take him out for a walk because when we first let him off his lead he was ok at first but then kept running away. We both lost confidence to let him off the lead and when he was on the lead, he would pull like a dog possessed. This meant he was not having enough exercise on walks and was even more full of beans at home and even more naughty.


This is when we decided he needed to be castrated which did help a lot with the humping but he was still a little out of control so we looked at dog training and I am so glad we did.
I phoned Kevin and we had our first one-to-one where he gave us some basic stuff to start on, we also took Alfie for a walk and Kev showed us the benefits of a gentle leader to stop with the pulling which was really good and made life easier straight away.
After a few weeks and a couple more one-to-one’s, we started going to classes. Doing the heel work has improved his walking on lead second to none, also the sit and stays and down stays has helped him to calm down and enjoy being told what to do because he gets treats for doing it.
Getting him off lead with other dogs in class is not only good for me to watch but great fun for him. After a few months of doing classes and getting Alf off-lead with other dogs then calling him back successfully (which took some time) and getting further away from him when doing sit stays, his behaviour at home got a lot better because we started to let him off lead, so he was a lot more tired and calm.
Alfie by this time was really settling into our home and we had a cage which doubled up as his bed which we put him in when we were out but gradually, we left him out of his cage for longer periods of time until he could be trusted not to eat the house as we wanted him to have a bit of space when we were out. On the whole the improvement was more than visible which made our life a lot easier as Alf was becoming more of a pleasure than a burden.
We were still going to classes, now more because me and Alf both enjoyed it, especially when we started doing agility which he did really well in and I’m happy to say that he only got better and better with more practice in class and at home over a period of time. Don’t get me wrong, this is a two-year story cut right down, it was not all a bed of roses and was a lot of hard work and stress in the early days. But now, Alfie is a different dog to what he was, very calm around the house, loves to sit with us in the evening and taking him out on a walk is a million times easier. He is still hypo and a bit of a nutter and not a serious contender for Crufts but that’s his character and what we love about him. Alfie is now part of our family and we wouldn’t change him for the world, he is always happy to see us no matter what mood we’re in and we get a lot out of having him in our lives. I really couldn’t have done it without Kevin’s guidance because the class’s taught me a lot on how to train a dog rather than just getting Alfie to do something.
I would like to thank Kevin for everything and would recommend his classes to anyone thinking of taking a dog training as its done Alfie the world of good and was good fun.
Good luck to everyone that are currently going to class and hope you all enjoy your time at class.

Kevin's Comment: "I'd like to thank Lewis and Helen for sharing their story about Alfie and to say a huge thank you for their hard work with Alfie, both during the classes and for doing 'their homework' which resulted in such great results with Alfie. As is often the case, it's not all been plain sailing but they have stuck with it and Alfie has changed beyond recognition from a young boisterous out of control dog to a well trained, obedient and very happy companion. Both Lewis and Alfie have been 'huge 'characters within the classes and having decided they can now continue without the classes, I know they will be missed by everyone. Alfie is very lucky to have found Helen and Lewis but I am sure they would say they were even luckier to find Alfie.....a great success story for a dog who through no fault off his own found himself stuck in a rescue kennel but who was given a chance but a committed and loving couple who understood the need to seek behalf of Alfie, thank you Lewis and Helen".



Debbie, Jemma & Ken from Sheppey with Misty, 4 years old

This is Misty our Great Dane, who seven months ago was a nightmare with other dogs, lunging at them and making taking her out for a walk a nightmare. She also liked to chase rabbits while on lead which was a real problem as we live in an area surrounded by farmland. The breaking point came when she pulled over a family member breaking their ankle and so we decided to get We found Kevin on the internet and he came around to our house to chat about Misty and her problems and said he could help us, but we had to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work. We agreed and started going to training classes once a week and worked on our own following Kevin’s instructions outside of class. At first it was hard work as we had to make sure Misty met other dogs and correct her when she kicked off. Finally things did get better and having the opportunity once a week to come off lead with other dogs at training helped as well. We invested in a spray collar to use when Misty attempted to chase rabbits as suggested by Kevin, which worked a treat. She still shows interest sometimes but now she doesn’t drag you along in pursuit as she has learnt to leave them alone. We hardly ever use the collar now but have it on just in case. Misty’s behaviour has improved dramatically and she now shows interest in other dogs in a normal way rather than lunging and barking. We still make sure she has contact with other dogs now we have stopped going to training and it is so nice to have a stress free walk. We would like to thank Kevin so much for all his advice and help with Misty and we would say to anyone reading this with a problem dog CONTACT KEVIN, he is really good. The classes are really friendly and you’re not made to feel silly if it all goes wrong as everyone is in the same boat. We know one thing is for certain if Misty could talk she’d say ………………………… THANKS KEV.


Brian & Theresa Woodruff from Sittingbourne with Boycie, 2 yrs

"Boycie is our first dog, but although we had done a lot of reading and had also taken him along to puppy training classes, we were experiencing a lot of ‘issues’ as he got older and stronger. I hold my hands up that some of these were caused by me treating him like a child not a dog and some by Boycies’ intelligence and constant need to socialise and chase everything and our lack of skills to use this to both his and our pleasure, which left us with the feeling that we had ‘let him down’. Then we found Kevins’ website and after reading Harrys’ story, which was almost an exact mirror of the problems and anxieties we were experiencing with our boy, I contacted him ……. Within the first hour Kevin had armed us with the tools to overcome our first ‘issue’, which was calming a frenzied Boycie when anyone came to our front door. We now claim the door, to the point where, even though he still gets excited, we are able to put him in the down position and not have to close the hall door to contain him. Within a few short weeks of our first meeting with Kevin I was able to overcome my first major hurdle – that of letting Boycie off the lead on my own, without my husband alongside me to chase after and, if need be, rugby tackle him, so that we could get him back and onto his lead. As time has gone on things just keep getting better and better, of course we still have recall issues and other ‘blips’, especially when there are other doggies to play with or rabbits to chase and it’s time to go home, but the tools and confidence that Kevin has given both of us cannot be expressed strongly enough – you just have to see our ‘family’ out and about (off lead), not anxious, but relaxed to see what a difference Kevin has made to all of us. Our training is by no means complete, but with Kevins’ guidance and calm assurance I know that all three of us will be able to maintain the level of enjoyment we get from each other, for years to come and maybe even push the boundaries of what we can achieve".              Brian & Theresa Woodruff & Boycie                                                                           ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Susan Bird, Grovehurst Pet Foods, Sittingbourne, Benson 5 yrs & Poppy 2 years

"We have two chocolate Labradors, Benson (5 years old) and Poppy (2 years old). We first met Kevin when he came into my Pet Food shop to ask if he could put some leaflets on the notice board. My daughter Sarah spoke to him first and urged me to get him to tackle my dog’s problems.
We have had other trainers/behaviourists out to Benson before and £60 - £80 later, they would analyse his toy box, get him to sit and wait for a treat etc which he could already do standing on his head. We never seemed to get anywhere.
Because of Benson’s problems with barking at other dogs and pulling on the lead, other dog owners thought he was aggressive so we stopped walking him and I only took him to work so he could run around the field next to our shop. He soon started barking a lot at work so I would take him home in the afternoons. He loved laying on the sofa and watching television and before long he started not wanting to come to work and just stayed at home.
Kevin came to the house for a 2-hour one to one training session and after finding out about Benson and Poppy’s faults, we went out with Benson. He barked at the first dog but after Kevin showed us what to do he was a different dog. My husband and I just could not believe it. Kevin is so calm and relaxed it just rubs off on you. We went out 4 times in that session with both dogs.
We now walk both dogs every day and Benson doesn’t bark at other dogs or pull on the lead. We ask other dog walkers if our dogs can ‘say hello’ to their dogs and have been so surprised as to how many owners say ‘no’ because their dogs don’t like other dogs.
The next training session we had with Kevin was for me to control the front door, as I would have to open the door trying to hold both dogs by their collars and use my elbow to open the door. Not anymore, now after half an hour of training, I now own the door.
Poppy had picked up Benson’s bad habits and added one of her own, running off if not on a lead and as we all know, that can be very dangerous. Not only had Kevin trained Poppy along with Benson to overcome the bad habits, he also trained Poppy to come when called.
Both Benson and Poppy are still very much loved spoilt family pets but they are now well on the way to being well behaved, thanks to Kevin training all four of us.
Benson and Poppy love Kevin to bits. When he comes to the house for training or to the shop, they can’t wait to see him and they work for him, which speaks volume.
I can highly recommend Kevin and I feel he has given Benson back his full life."       



Caroline & Steve Wiles from Sittingbourne with Bailey, a 3 yr old Great Dane

"I was at the end of my tether with our 3½ year old Great Dane, Bailey. Bailey was getting progressively difficult to handle when out walking, so much so that I just wasn’t taking her out very much. She appeared to be aggressive towards other dogs and, due to her size and excitability, was very difficult to hold on to when other dogs passed by. It seemed that a disaster was inevitable. Added to this Bailey was displaying some difficult behaviour at home too. I was seriously thinking that we would have to re-home her.

I saw a flyer about Kevin and his one to one training sessions at a local pet food supplier. I had nothing to lose and really saw this as a last ditch attempt to gain control. We had an initial two hour appointment to talk through the problems we were experiencing and Kevin gave us some strategies to deal with things immediately. We also went out with Bailey on the lead, or “dog stalking” as it is now referred too! Kevin explained how a different head collar would help to give me more control of Bailey & her behaviour. It made an immediate impact; he also explained clearly how my anxiety and reactions were communicated to Bailey affecting her behaviour.

From the start I had total confidence in Kevin’s abilities. He gives clear and practical advice that is easy to follow. Within a week we noticed a tremendous difference in Bailey’s behaviour. We are continuing to follow our exercise and training regime and Bailey is getting better all the time. We have our lovable family dog back and walking her has become a pleasure again. Now if it would only work on my children………."


 Misty   Zak

Chris Logue with Misty 4 years old & Zak 3 years old, both German Shepherds from Ilse of Sheppey
"Without Kevin’s help and assistance I would not be walking with my dogs in areas that I am today. I despaired of ever letting them off their leads amongst people or dogs, particularly dogs. I had tried all the various dog trainers and pet psychologists without any success, but then I found my ‘knight in shining armour’.
I now have two dogs that I am happy to take anywhere. Kevin not only trains the dogs, he also trains the owners to understand and read not only their own dogs but also others around you so that you are able to read and assess situations and intervene prior to problems occurring. We are now embarking on agility lessons for both of them."



Anne Logue from Minster, Ilse of Sheppey with Bo, a 7 year old Briard

I would like to say a big thank you to Kevin for giving me back the confidence to be able to walk out with my seven-year-old Briard, Bo. Going back four years, Bo decided the only way to greet other dogs when off leash was to charge, herd and then nip. There were very few dogs or owners that would accept this behaviour, understandably. I then decided to walk where I hopefully would not meet other dogs, which I know now was a big mistake. It now became a chore to exercise Bo and even when passing dogs when on a leash, he would jump up, bark and be an utter nuisance.
After trying several dog training classes, behaviourists, vets etc, all to no avail, I began to think I would never walk in public with Bo again.
 I was introduced to Kevin though my sister-in-law who was so impressed with the help she was having with her own two dogs.
On my first meeting, I felt for the first time ever that somebody was interested in my problem with Bo. Kevin explained to me that in this breed of dog, their natural instinct is to herd and possibly nip but this is not acceptable when meeting other dogs. Now after two and half months, I am able to walk with other dogs, some with a little caution. I know it has been as hard for Bo as it has been for me being introduced to other dogs again. His obedience lessons have made him a much nicer dog in the home and around the grand children when they come to stay. I feel sure that if we carry on as we are, our time spent together will be much happier.
Of Kevin, I can only say I have never met a more understanding, patient and dedicated person towards dogs.


Poppy, a 2.5 year old Great Dane owned by Gill & Bob Alexander from Sittingbourne

Woof, woof. What can I say! The quality of my life has greatly improved since my owners received training from Kevin. They accept, at last, that I am a gentle giant who will respond to their instructions now that they have adopted a set of standard commands and gestures that I can understand. Kevin also taught them how to have fun; to the extent that when they say “Poppy come”, I know that they want to play so its good bye smelly dogs and back to mum and dad. It’s strange but now that they are more relaxed with life when out for a walk, I no longer have to spend my time keeping alert for trouble and thus have more opportunity to give my nose a work-out. I cannot praise Kevin enough; he is a friendly, intuitive, knowledgeable, communicative, calm and confident person who has had a great and beneficial effect on our daily life. Thank you. (Written on behalf of Poppy by Gill and Bob Alexander of Sittingbourne).