Group Training Classes              

From L to R: Charlotte with Archie & Charlie, Gill & Roxi, Penny & Star, Mike & Mini, Claire & Heston, Zoe with Lottie & Purdy, Keith & Reg, Les & Poppy and Nigel with Maizie, Oisi & Molly

I hold group training classes for those dogs that can cope with learning in the presence of other dogs or who need the presence of other dogs to overcome their issues. My classes are held outside at my private training venue at Bredgar near Sittingbourne on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Saturdays throughout the day and Sunday mornings (from October).

The classes are restricted to a maximum of 8 dogs per class so you won't get lost in the 'crowd' and will have plenty of opportunity for individual coaching and to ask questions.

I do not undertake the kennel club good citizen awards as I have had many owners and dogs previously achieve these awards at other classes with other trainers yet still have issues with their dogs outside in the real world.

I do not employ or use assistants or helpers to train or instruct you, if you come to my classes, you only receive training and coaching from me.
The classes are geared towards providing you and your dog with the training that will enable you to fulfil your goals and provide your dog with a happy and fulfilling life. The main objectives of the classes are to train your dog to:

  • Achieve a reliable recall at all times including when your dog is off lead playing with other dogs.
  • Walk to heel with no pulling, incorporating sits, downs and stands and to walk past other dogs without pulling or showing aggression, fear or excitement.
  • Develop off-lead play/socialisation skills during an off-lead session with other dogs.
  • Complete a 'down' and 'stay' with the owner out of sight
  • Sit & Stay with Recall
  • Sit, Down & Stand at Distance
  • Develop skills and confidence with agility exercises
  • Individual needs can also be addressed where appropriate

From L to R: Ellie & Boots, Rita & Juno, Pippa & Macey, Paul & Dexter, John & Scrappy, Annie & Moss, Cheryl & Poppy.

As your dog may be behind some of the other dogs with some of the exercises when you first join, you and your dog will be given the time and instruction to progress at the rate suited to you and your dogs’ individual needs. 


From L to R: Henry & Rachael, Candy, Tracey & Blue, Caroline & Bailey, Wendy & Henry, Charmain & Meg, Boycey & Theresa, Vanessa & Molly.

My venue offers the perfect opportunity to train your dog in a safe and secure environment and because it is private, there is no chance of your training being interrupted by other dog owners who may not have control of their dogs.

From L to R: Debbie & Misty, Nigel & Paddy, Diane & Archie, Rita & Juno, Laura & Sadie, Lynda & Daisy, Cheryl and Poppy.


The classes are open to dogs of at least four months of age and all dogs are welcome.

From L to R: Kozka & Kate, Natalie & Lexi, Nadia & Dylan, Adrian & Jed, Millie, Vicky & Minty, Alfie & Lewis.

Agility sessions form part of the classes and can build confidence and strengthen the bond between owner and dog. They also provide physical exercise and mental challenges and stimulation for your pet and of course, they are good fun for both dogs and owners. These sessions also provide the perfect opportunity for you and your dog to practise recalls and control whilst in the proximity of other dogs also taking part in the session. Participation in agility during the obedience classes is purely voluntary and young dogs and puppies will be limited as to what they are allowed to do in relation to their age and breed. 


My training classes are an opportunity for you to work with your pet in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment and they are a great way to meet like minded people. I am well aware that many owners feel nervous and apprehensive about the thought of taking their dog to a training class and certainly, when they first attend will be even more anxious at the thought of handling their dog in front of other people. However, I am very confident that during that first session, any fears and apprehensions will be forgotten and that along with your dog, you will really enjoy the experience and want to come back. 

Please note: All owners and dogs must have a 1 to 1 Pre-Class Introduction Session with me BEFORE they can attend a group training class.